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We express our continued appreciation to everyone in the funeral profession, who continue to service the bereaved with the highest standards, respect and dignity.

September 2021

Many countries confirm that death cases are low, hospitalisation in under control, but infection rates are rapidly increasing – especially with young people. Some specifics as follows:


Constraints have been lifted. Masks are still mandatory and social distancing remains in place. More lenience with COVID death cases before moving to a funeral home is in place with 4-6 days time being allowed.


New infections rising daily. No further restrictions for funerals other than COVID-related death cases. Italy is anticipating the 4th wave.


Infection rate high especially in Stockholm. 300 guests allowed at funerals. The pandemic law has been prolonged already now from 15.09.2021 to 31.01.2022.


Restrictions remain unchanged at funerals. Maximum of 10 (increased from 6) people and max 60% (increase from 30%) of capacity allowed at funerals. 70% of population is fully vaccinated and infection rates are descending.


Few restrictions still in place and vary amongst Germany’s 16 counties. German Government has moved forward by allowing access without restrictions in all areas of public life for persons recovered, vaccinated or with negative test. Masks and social distancing remain recommendable.


The situation in Portugal has improved substantially with 73% of population fully vaccinated. Eight persons are allowed to gather within 100 m² (for example at funerals) and social distancing still in place. Vigils, with open casket, which are a major part of Portuguese funeral tradition, are now allowed again, with the exception applying only to COVID-related deaths.


Restrictions are lifted, infection rates are expected to increase more once school starts and fourth wave also expected.


Restrictions similar to other countries, very low number of deaths (2-3 all summer), open casket is allowed again. Should a fourth wave come, crematoria will be faced with operational problems, as there are only six in the country and they are operating at 50% functionality. (Similar situation in Hungary.)


Young people mostly affected with increasing infection rates. Norway currently has the highest rate of the Scandinavian countries. School testing in place for 3 times weekly.

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August 2021

Developments in many European countries are indicating challenging times ahead once again with the so-called "4th wave" of COVID19. Positively, vaccinations and better awareness remain indicative factors in the process and we are not dealing with the sheer number of death cases as this time last year. Preparations for possible hospitalisations appear to be well structured within Europe and experiences gathered since last year, accompany our daily tasks with bereaved families.

It's been a learning curve for so many professions that are directly affected and we thank all members and your staff for the excellent, professional, dignified support you continue to provide.

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June 2021


France is moving forward and the process of recovering from the effects of the pandemic has commenced. France has been handling restrictions based on three phases, with phase 1 being the strictest. France is now starting with phase 3.

The number of deceased is consistently decreasing. A total number of 50 persons is allowed at funeral, regardless if funeral home or cemetery. In churches 60% capacity is allowed.

Funeral professionals are still not defined as priority group. No reaction whatsoever to requests their Ministry of Health.

Ca. 35% of the population have received their first vaccination.


Vaccinations are underway with ca. 40% having received their first vaccination. Number of new infections and deceased are low.  Max. number of persons at a funeral has increased from 20 persons to 50 inside and 100 outside.

Only the District of Stockholm declared funeral professionals as priority group for vaccines (Sweden has 21 districts.)


New infections are still high in Italy.

Vaccinations are moving forward steadily with about 32 million of population (just over 50%) having received their first vaccine.

Restrictions still in place, but being lifted in stages starting mid-May. The month of June will serve as a “test month”, for e.g. weddings are allowed again.


Not enough vaccines. About 40% of population has received their first vaccination. Restrictions still in place and vary amongst Germany’s 16 counties. Total number of deceased now at 88,000.


State of emergency has ended in Spain and the overall situation in Spain is improving day by day. Maximum of 10 (increased from 6) people and max 60% (increase from 30%) of capacity allowed at funerals.


The situation in Portugal has improved substantially and restrictions are more or less lifted for day-to-day activities. Most everything is re-opened – inside and out. Sport events are taking place throughout the country, but with no spectators.

Funerals allow max. 5 persons inside, 10 outside, with 2 meters distancing.

Daily media briefings are provided by Portuguese health institution.

Millions of tourists are visiting Portugal without any checking/testing in place, no curfews.

Vaccination are moving along with population with one dose: 37% (3.757.395) and with complete vaccination: 19% (1.979.425)


The overall situation is improving steadily. All nine separate counties in the small country of Austria have their own regulations, but as a whole getting better and better. Funeral professionals have all received their first vaccinations.

Max. 50 persons allowed at funeral, FFP2 masks, every second seat allowed.

Although the number of deceased increased in Nov/Dec 2020, the first three months of 2021 show a decrease to previous year. Hygienic measures taken due to the pandemic appear to have a direct effect on the numbers. Ca. 40% of population has received their first vaccination.


The overall infection rate is decreasing, whereby the infection rate of 20-30 year-olds has increased. Norway has 356 municipalities – all with their own regulations. National law allows up to 200 persons at funerals.

Ca. 48% of population has received their first vaccination and vaccine passport has been implemented.

Restrictions are being lifted steadily. Norwegians show a “stay in Norway” tendency.

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