Interviews from around Europe

The following questions were asked:

  1. How would you summarize in a few words the response that the sector has given to the health crisis of covid-19?
  2. Do you think that the mass media have reported fairly on the sector? Do you think that society has treat with justice all professionals?
  3. Could you explain which would be the three conclusions after experience the Covid-19 crisis in the sector?
  4. Which would be the changes in the sector after all this experience?
  5. Do you think the memorials will return? How will they be?

Many of our EFFS Board members contirbuted and we will post the interviews as they appear.

Spain /alfredo-gosalvez

Germany / stephan-neuser

Norway / gunnar-hammersmark

Austria / markus-pinter

Sweden / ulf-lernéus

Italy / luca-tabossi

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