EFFS 15th Annual General Assembly

Highlights, news and a new EFFS Board

The 15th EFFS Annual General Assembly was held in Lisbon Portugal this year and took place on October 5th and 6th 2017 and was filled with a very busy agenda including elections for the new Board, as well as several highlights, new ideas, great speakers and  . We were welcomed by our host, the National Association of Funeral Directors of Portugal, Paulo Carreira and his team. A huge thank you to Vanda, Silvia, Ines, Hugo and Tino, as well as all others behind the scenes who helped make this year’s General Assembly a great success. All national associations (but three) were in attendance this year; several individual members; many new faces; and many new friendships made. We also thank our Portuguese sponsors, who were not only wonderfully generous but also presented interesting products and ideas to our members.

Unfortunately our immediate Past President, Giovanni Primavesi was not able to attend. Giovanni has been in the funeral sector for over 50 years and was looking forward to saying farewell personally. The next best thing was a video message to all of us from Giovanni. We as the EFFS would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Giovanni for his decades of service to our sector, his kindness and friendship which means so much to so many of us. Thank you Giovanni and only the best! A few more goodbyes were on the agenda. Rolf Lichtner, having contributed to the EFFS as Executive Director for almost 10 years and Claus-Dieter Wulf from Germany, Past President and Board member since 2002 have both gone into well-deserved retirement. Esther Kooistra, Board member and representative for the Netherlands has chosen a new path for her future and has currently left the funeral sector. Along with our gratitude, best wishes to all three for the future. At the same time, we were also very pleased to welcome several new faces this year and we look forward to working closely with all of you the future.

From left to right: Paulo Carreira, Anke Teraa, Markus Pinter, Ulf Lernéus, Guillaume Fontaine, Luca Tabossi, Gunnar Hammersmark, Ladislav Striz (missing Jordi Vinas and Petr Rambousek)

Following a morning of reports filled with facts and figures, an impressive presentation by Patricia Carvalho on quality management, the afternoon was dedicated to elections and with that famous touch of British humour, a highly informative presentation by Jeremy Field on the UK funeral market and its challenges. Thanks very much to our speakers for their contributions.

For the very first time, voting was conducted with an online voting tool. With the exception of the one or the other technical hiccup, 11 rounds of voting were successfully conducted online, resulting in our new EFFS Board.

Welcome to our new President, Guillaume Fontaine from France and all other Board members.

After working hard on day one, day two started with a vintage streetcar tour through downtown Lisbon. What a beautiful city and judging by the smiles, everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. Then after a morning of sunshine, it was back to the conference center for the last part of the GA.

The Board also enjoyed the sunshine

The afternoon was again quite busy with more presentations and other business of the day. Thank you to Fernando Sánchez Tulla, who joined us from the Memora Group in Barcelona and provided the members with new impulses on marketing opportunities in our sector. As always, European transportation of the deceased was an important issue for all members and will continue to be on the list of priorities for the new Board.

The minutes of the General Assembly and all attachments can be found in the “members only” section.

A special thank you to our sponsors for their support:
SORTEM (funeral products)
VENTILAQUA (treatment of waste, equipment)
KALFRISA (crematories equipment)
MARGARIDO (medals with the fingerprint of deceased)

Thank you to everyone for their participation and we look forward to seeing you again at our 2018 General Assembly – date and location to be announced soon.

Click here for our complete photo gallery. Thanks Celestino Santos!

Anke Teraa
Executive Director EFFS

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