New Board elected

Congratulations to our newly elected EFFS Board

Congratulations to our NEW BOARD !

From left to right: Paulo Carreira, Anke Teraa, Markus Pinter, Ulf Lernéus, Guillaume Fontaine, Luca Tabossi, Gunnar Hammersmark, Ladislav Striz (missing Jordi Vinas and Petr Rambousek)



Guillaume Fontaine, France

Executive Director:

Anke Teraa, Germany

Vice Presidents:

Ulf Lernéus, Sweden
Gunnar Hammersmark, Norway

Board Members:

Luca Tabossi, Italy
Jordi Viñas, Spain
Paulo Carreira, Portugal
Dr. Markus Pinter, Austria
Ladislav Striz, Slovakia


Dr. Petr Rambousek, Czech Republic

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