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United Kingdom:  click here for the joint Statement from representatives of the British funeral sector (The National Association of Funeral Directors, The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management, Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities, The Cremation Society and the Association of Private Cemeteries and Crematoria)


Wishing first and foremost that everyone stays healthy.

We are all dealing with a very challenging situation, so let’s hope that the voluntary measures of everyone around the world, plus all of the official restrictions and decisions being made, will help to deflate the rate at which Corona is spreading. Most European governments are reacting in a similar way. 

Specifically for our profession, governments and/or national funeral associations around Europe are recommending procedures based on the development of the virus. Some examples:

  • Italyfuneral ceremonies forbidden across the country, funeral transports only allowed from place of death cemetery/crematoria, for corona deceased and no viewing whatsoever, kept closed following infectious disease protocol, strict restrictions on number of mourners allowed into  mortuary for non-corona deaths
  • Sweden: no autopsy, no embalming, body bag, no restrictons of ceremony or burial/cremation
  • Germany: pre-cautions and handling as infectious disease, no open coffin, no restrictions on type of burial
  • Portugalno treatment of body, two body bags, desinfection liquid between the body bags and strict use of PPE. No wake or vigil for theses cases
  • Netherlands: funerals of more than 30 people prohibited, funeral director should not visit family of corona deceased, but arrange ceremony by phone


We would like to draw your attention to information provided by the WHO, as well as the referenced guideline we recommend in our European Norm 15017.

The 2019 EN15017 Section 7 Funeral Facilities - includes "Practical Guidelines for Infection Control in Health Care Facilities" (ISBN 9290222387
©World Health Organization 2004. Please click here for this guideline.

The WHO Interim Guideline "Infection prevention and control of epidemic- and pandemic-prone acute respiratory diseases in health care" provides detailed recommendations on pre-cautionary hygienic measures. Please click here for this guideline.

Furthermore, the WHO link https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/who-rights-roles-respon-hw-covid-19.pdf?sfvrsn=bcabd401_0 is regularly updated.



Rational use of PPE, Source: WHO





With almost 12,000 confirmed infections and 200 deaths, the corona virus is unsettling to people around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an international health emergency. Across all professions, especially those in the health and care sector, as well as all funeral professionals, we should all inform ourselves of precautionary measures. The World Health Organisation has issued the following guidelines regarding the corona virus: